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Featuring in the event:

  • An exhibition of the piece "Valquíria Enxoval" (2009) by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, Hall of the Faculty of Letters - UL. Joana Vasconcelos gave a talk about this piece and her art on the opening day of the conference.

  • A workshop mentored by acclaimed international storytellers Laura Simms and Muriel Bloch (limit: 20 participants; Cf. registration form), with a performance closing the conference.
  • A session with The Lisbon Players Antoinette Keogh, Amanda Booth and Jonathan Weightman, who will be reading American women poets.

  • A round table with contemporary Portuguese women artists discussing how American art has influenced their production

  • An exhibition of selected art works reimaging the Infanta Margarita in Velázquez's Las Meninas by students from Ginestal Machado Secondary School (Santarém) at the Library of the Faculty of Letters

  • "Enxoval - Bottom Drawer" one-hour documentary on Joana Vasconcelos' "Valquíria Enxoval " 2009 piece, by Pedro Macedo, Kitty Oliveira, and Isabel Freire. (Portuguese language, English Subtitles).

Celebrated Portuguese poet Ana Luísa Amaral, also a scholar in American literature, was one of our invited speakers.