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The editing of the Women and The Arts volume (Peter Lang, 2012) is currently in process.

The American Studies Group of the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES) organized "Women and the Arts: Dialogues in Female Creativity in the U.S. and Beyond" (15-17 June 2011). The three-day international conference promoted a reflection on women's artistic production, contrasting the U.S. context with other cultures.

The conference in Lisbon covered multiple areas, including writing, the visual arts, music, and the performing arts. We debated women's aesthetic expression in the U.S. and elsewhere in these diversified fields, from modernity to the contemporary age, and reflected on the specific conditions of production, circulation, and reception of their works.

We engaged scholars from a wide range of areas, as well as artists, critics, and curators, fostering interdisciplinary debate.


The U.S. and Beyond - Comparative Approaches include:

  • The influence of American gender theory and politics
  • Women's Art and American Regionalism
  • Canonical dynamics and the transatlantic debate
  • Criteria for the definition of a specifically feminine cultural and artistic production
  • Critical revisions towards representative literary and art histories
  • Women artists' perspectives on traditions, categories, and the politics of art institutions
  • GLBT subjectivities and the arts
  • The outlook for women's art at the onset of the 21st century